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Owning a home is, as a matter of fact, one of the life-time goals and priorities of most people.  We can confidently say that most people dream of living in their own homes, without the hassle of rent and other inconveniences that come with rented houses.  After all, the rented houses are subject to conditions that can very easily disadvantage the tenant, if not always.  But be that as it may, we still find ourselves, forced by circumstances, to at a point or another; have to rent a house, with the dream of owning a home. We are here to help you live your dream.

The process of owning a home can be one very stressful experience, or an experience that proves to be what you never thought it would be: a wonderful experience.  We assist you in the whole process, from identification, to getting the property (either land or home) documents transferred under your names.  It really should not be a long and stressful experience.

In every assignment we ensure:

Careful planning to understand clients needs, identify key issues, and assess and advice on risk levels.

We have an up to date data of all the properties that we are selling, and are always sourcing for more.  From these, we help our client(s) identify the suitable home or land. These could either be for residential or commercial purposes.  We look at the clients’ budget and advise on the best approach, especially in relation to commercial properties and/or amount to be invested into building, Vis a Vis the location.

Each assignment is entrusted to the most qualified and experienced personnel.

After identifying clients interest, we call in the expertise of a qualified personnel, even outsourcing if need be. By this we mean, an architect to take care of the drawings etc, our head of Property Management to assist in identifying the most suitable commercial building to construct, Vis a Vis the potential market in the location.

Quality control; we have checks and balances in place to ensure that our services meet the required standards.

We work strictly with professionals, and also engage the concerned Government offices at different stages to ensure accountability, quality and up to standard delivery, that also guarantees safety.

Prompt delivery.

We know that time is money, and it is particularly very sensitive when dealing in property.  This is why we work within the expected time frame. Take, for example, if a Search at the Lands office is supposed to take one day, then we ensure it takes a day only, if not less.


We appreciate, at the end of the day that a client may not be comfortable if details of a transaction are known by parties not directly involved. Hence, we maintain confidentiality in all our transactions.  Our transactions are undertaken by a well known and reliable Law firm.  Alternatively, the client is always free to choose a Law firm of choice.

You are always welcome to call in on us for further details and enquiries.  Welcome to Jojean Properties, your partner in Real Estate.