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Things To Consider When Renting Or Buying A House/Apartment in Kenya.

Things To Consider When Renting Or Buying A House/Apartment in Kenya.

A new house defines a new phase in a person’s life. It is exciting, yet at the same time quite a hustle in achieving the ideal dream house. One cannot just hop into the first “perfect” house you spot for rent near the road just because you need easier access to your work place. Although accessibility is a factor to consider when locating a house to move into, it cannot be the only factor.

Budget: Gauge the cost of renting the house. Does it meet your financial status? If the cost of the house is too high compared to your budget, regardless of the desire to move in, you just have to let go. You need not feel the pressure to pay high rent yet you can have another house that lies within your financial range. Financial experts say one shouldn’t exceed 30% of gross income as rent.

Security: An important item to consider when renting a house in Kenya is whether or not the area is secure. The location of the house has to be in a place that records low or no cases of criminal activities.

Personal preference: is a major factor that one should consider. If ignored, this might be one thing that triggers frequent moving. Some people prefer a serene environment free from the urbanization pollution, noise and air. However, others prefer the morning matatu hoots or the speeding motors. Such distinct preference cannot be disregarded. The family man prefers a residential estate with controlled traffic and a private setting. On the other hand, the campus lad prefers the boom boom all night long music within a free environment.

Size: Another factor is the size of the house. If one has a huge family, there is need for a big house. A house with larger rooms and probably more than one bathroom and toilet. Additionally, since the kids have to be considered, the house has to be in a compound that has a playground. Kids cannot be kept indoors for long otherwise you are just raising the dull Jacks.

Basic facilities: like electricity, water, mobile network must be a key consideration. The new generation man cannot live without these luxurious yet basic commodities. The house must therefore be located in an area that has these things.

Fraudsters: Anyone dealing in real estate in Kenya, must never ignore conducting due diligence. Take your time to investigate and understand the deal you are getting yourself into. To do this well, you must first make sure that you have completely detached your emotions from the deal (because fraudsters almost always play on buyers’ emotions).Many Kenyans are conned daily of their hard earned money especially when renting houses because they’re made to imagine that if they don’t pay on the spot for the house it will be taken. Quacks and fake agents take advantage of genuinely desperate tenants. Ensure that you deal with registered and licensed agents by the Estate Agents Boards of Kenya.

Formalize the Transaction: Any real Estate transaction in Kenya must be documented for authenticity. After proving ownership insist on a formal lease agreement for the rental unit either from the agent or land lord that will clearly define terms of engagement. Read the Lease agreement carefully and if you do not understand a clause ask the agent, lots of Kenyans rent out houses informally or don’t read their Leases before signing only to find themselves either losing their deposit or being excessively penalized when they vacate the premises.

Structural soundness: When renting a house whether new or old make sure you take time to assess the house. From a layman’s view see if there are any cracks in the main supporting pillars of the houses and the wall. As mentioned from the onset setting aside emotions will go a long way to avoid renting a house with a leaking roof or danger to life as happened in Makongeni Estate Nairobi December 2014 when a residential building collapsed with tenants inside.

All these factors are just some highlights of the basic standards that a Kenyan moving into a new house should consider. However, there are many more factors that one considers when taking this new step right. Main rule, verify ownership of the property, deal with professionals and formalize in writing the transaction.




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